General Contractor:
Completion Date:

San Francisco
Brayer Electric Company

Scope of work:

  • Generators:  Furnish and install eleven 175 kW generators (one per high-rise) to back-up house loads
  • Elevators:  Reconfigure electrical distribution in each of the eleven towers for new owner-provided elevators
  • Fire Alarm:  Furnish and install new fire alarm systems in each tower
  • Lobby Upgrades (with Dome Construction):  Remodel eleven tower lobbies
  • Upgrade 200 Apartment Units: Remove and replace existing fused panels with new breaker type, replace existing plugs and switches, and install new light fixtures.
  • Office Remodel:  Electrical portion of new office remodel for Stellar Management
  • Security:  Contracted with Microbiz Security
  • Various Service Projects:  Controls for new landscape equipment, remodel owner’s apartment unit, provide new exterior lighting, install occupancy sensors in laundry rooms and electrical/mechanical rooms, and install new exit signage throughout each of the 11 towers.


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